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(4) steel rulers 6" -general fowler - eng/met- b&s case

* Fowler 52-380-025 - 15 cm on one side with 1mm and 1/2 mm increments; identical on other side Excellent shape and maybe unused.
* Valenite Modco with rounded end - no number - 16ths, 32nds and 64ths all on same side; decimal equivalents on other side
* General No. 311-mm - 16ths and 32nds + mm on one side; nothing on other side except red stain; very slight bow; wider than others
* General No. 300 - 32nds and 64ths; decimal chart on other side, shows some wear and has a bow
Case is A-1 - seems to be leather of faux-leather. Email with questions. Thanks !!

(4) steel rulers 6