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Tyco adhesives asj tape - full case 24 rolls - 2X50YDS

Pretty sexy stuff, eh? First quality, factory fresh and so cheap you’ll have plenty of money left in your budget for the end of the job beer bash. Be sure to see our Tyco FSK Tape too.
a full case of 24 rolls – 2” x 50yds
We are pleased to offer full case lots of Tyco Adhesives 480 – ASJ (All Service Jacket) Tape – 2” x 50yds
The tape of choice when you need vapor barrier sealing and reinforcement strength in demanding HVAC and all weather applications. Premium pipe jacket or tank wrap that can be used with all insulation materials.
Foil under tri-directional fiberglass and paper offers strength and the quality rubber adhesive supplies a beefy 48 ounces adhesion to stainless steel. Application temperature if 0F to 180F (engineers, go figure. Who is going to think about applying tape in 180F weather?) and operating temperature is –35F to 235F! 45 lbs/in tensile and a total of 8 mils thickness. Of course, meets UL 723 specs.
See TYCO Adhesive’s full product page here. Click the link. It will open in another window. Tyco Adhesive’s master distributor pricing is $10.53 to $9.17 a roll. And, you have to deal with a $2-3000 stocking order. Not here! We’re less than half best wholesale distributor pricing! And, if your job requires acrylic adhesive in 2” or 3” widths, stop by our website. Our regular line acrylic adhesive is less expensive than their rubber tape!
Please stop by our web site for the full Merco Tape line: we’re the Merco Company, a 30+ year old converter of pressure sensitive tape products. We are master distributors for most every major mill in the US, and many from Europe and the Far East. If it sticks, it’s our forte, so be sure to contact us with your other tape needs.
Or, stop by our corporate website to see our full line of tape products: the Merco Company