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Vice suit drilling 6" x 1.1/4" deep opens 5.1/2"

6" DRILL VICE x 1.1/4" deep opens 5.1/2"
Comparison of Physical Properties of FERROUS CASTINGS
Advantages of S G IRON CASTINGS:
* High Ductility combined with high tensile strength compared to grey & Malleable Castings
* Excellent Machinability compared to steel casting due to high carbon in Nodular Form.
* Less Investment in Pattern & Dies compared to Steel Forgings makes it ideal for small requirements.
* Due to close grain structure (Nodular form of Carbon) very good for hydraulic application compared to Steel, Malleable & grey Iron Casting.
* Internal Soundness is achieved in intricate shape & uneven section thickness due to better fluidity compared to Steel Castings.
* Long Heat treatment process is not required which results in better dimensional stability compared to malleable Castings.
Application of S G IRON CASTINGS:
Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron, also known as Nodular Iron or Ductile Iron, Is used in General Engineering, Automobile, Earthmoving, Railways, Mining Equipment, Switchgear, Machine Tools, Power Transmission, Textile Machinery & most Heavy Equipment Applications.
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