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20 luxeon rebel led boards white/red/green/blue leds

Luxeon Rebel LED Mounting Boards
This is a great product for a hobbyist or an LED lighting professional. This board is very easy to use and you can solder Luxeon Rebel LEDs on it with very simple soldering techniques.
The board has three circuits which are lined up for simple wiring in series. The board size is 12mm by 12mm.
* Boards are scored for easy separation
* Excellent Heat Sinking Design
This product is very easy to wire. You can see by inspection how they can be lined up in a series.
The pictures show a common cathode wiring configuration. You easily reverse this for common anode configuration. Or, you can wire each square individually.
We have an unbeatable warranty. We warranty this product for 1 year.
You return the product to us and provide a small postage return fee and we'll replace it free of charge.
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