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Yaesu vertex FNB16 fnb-16 battery upgrade fth-2070

We rebuild and improve your original Yaesu or Vertex battery, or the similar clone batteries. Our conversion from NiCd to NiMh cells will upgrade older equipment, to state of the art technology.
This extra high capacity NiMh upgrade, is not available from any other source.
This battery upgrade design allows use of any of the original wall or rapid chargers originally sold for use with the Original Standard Chargers.
Although the battery will remain water resistant, we do not guarantee them to be submersible.
PRIMECELL - CUNARD Associates Inc.,
9343 US RT 220 / Bedford, PA 15522
This is not an offer to sell you a new or refurbished battery. You must send your battery to PRIMECELL.
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Tech-note: The chargers were designed to fill a low capacity battery. To Charge a Hi-Capacity battery using the original charger -allow a longer charge time. Like filling a glass with water. It takes longer to fill a large glass than a small one.
If you require only the very best.