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Kipwaret - conversational cnc software for turning

Living Outside The Box to be ... Simply Productive !!!
KipwareT® is a unique CNC software package designed for the everyday CNC programmer. KipwareT® combines a mixture of conversational programming, CAD and CAM to create efficient CNC programs that machine those everyday workpieces ... that comprise 85% of the machining done every day in the world. CNC programs created with KipwareT® not only contain no-prove-out needed toolpaths but also all the tips and tricks that are used everyday like canned cycles, cutter comp and much more.
* A unique programming software package that will turn rookie programmers into experts and experienced programmers into even more efficient programmers.
* Conversational programming for your everyday programming.
* Turn any CAD software into a CAM package with conversational programming.
* Convert DXF files to G Code programs using conversational programming.
Efficient CNC programming takes an arsenal of CNC software and tools.
KipwareT® Combines the Best of Both Worlds
* Conversational CNC Programming :
* For the every day tasks of CNC programming ... turning - grooving - threading ... do you really need a CAD/CAM system? The answer is ... of course not! So ... why are you using one. KipwareT® allows anyone to create efficient CNC programs for the everyday tasks in your machine shop ... all by answering the on-screen, fill-in-the-blank forms. Users can create turning, grooving and threading programs including corner chamfers and corner radii, cutter comp and more. An example ... with the KipwareT® "Shaft Turning" module, the user simply labels the diameters, length, depth of cut and amount of corner chamfer or radii .... KipwareT® automatically creates the roughing or finishing toolpath. Fast, simple and accurate ... allowing anyone to create efficient CNC programs.
* For those more complex programs that don't fit into the standard "simple" category ... KipwareT® comes with our scaled-down CAD drawing package we call our SketchPad. Users can define any contour shape using the simpler drawing tools of point, line and arc ... then still use the conversational menus to create the roughing or finishing CNC programs to machine that contour. In addition, KipwareT® gives the users the ability to utilize their favorite drawing package to create ANY TOOLPATH ... then import it into KipwareT® using the DXF file utility. Using the KipwareT® feature called AutoPath, users only need define the start point of the contour ... and AutoPath arranges and re-arranged the elements of the drawing to create a toolpath. The beauty part of this feature is that the user can create ANY toolpath desired ... usually only having to use the CAD features of OFFSET and TRIM. This feature allows the user to turn any CAD package into a toolpath creating CAM package.
Designed on the Shop Floor to be Simple but Powerful
* SIMPLE : No need to draw the part - but it is available for complex shapes. Simple fill-in-the-blank menus - this CNC software package is easy for anyone to create efficient cutting programs.
* POWERFUL : AUTOMATIC creation of CHAMFERS and/or CORNER RADII in the shafting menus. Uses the power of canned-cycles and sub-programming ... a powerful tool in the real world ... and efficient CNC machining.
* FLEXIBLE : Manual input is available if desired - makes for a flexible environment and efficient CNC machining.
* SHOP FLOOR FRIENDLY : Edits and revisions are easy by simple altering the canned cycle data in the program. For example, to change a depth of cut, simply change one piece of data. With a CAM system, the user must re-run the toolpath to generate a whole new program.
* FANUC and OKUMA OSP Compatible Designed specifically for Okuma, Fanuc, Fadal, Haas and all Fanuc compatible controls ... but with the unique KipwareXC® option you can create programs for any CNC control.
* CONVERSATIONALLY AIDED PROGRAMMING - KipwareT® retains the ease of program creation by utilizing conversational menus to create G code programs. For standard turning operations such as grooving, threading, drilling and similar, the user doesn't even have to draw the part - simply answer the on-screen fill-in-the-blank screen. KipwareT® automatically creates the G Code program.
* MULTI AXIS FRIENDLY : The KipwareT® design allows for the creation of programs for multi-axis turning centers with double turrets.
* CAD Features : For those non-traditional shapes, KipwareT® includes our scaled-down CAD SketchPad - KipwareT® takes the best yet simplest features of a CAD program into it's part drawing SketchPad. In the SketchPad, users can draw the desired finish part shape / tool path using the scaled down CAD options of Point, Line or Arc. Then using the conversational ROUGHING or FINISHING options, create the CNC program to machine the toolpath including cutter compensation.
* AutoPath turns any CAD package into a CAM package. Users can utilize our simple SketchPad drawing tool or import a drawing through our DXF file transfer utility ... Choose the starting point or element from the element list ... click AutoPath. KipwareT® automatically links the elements of the sketch together to create the toolpath.
* More powerful than FANUC, FADAL or HAAS Custom Macro programs - conversational makes it faster and easier - PC based makes it more flexible.
* Custom Cycle Creation : Create custom Peck Drilling and other Cycles that neither your CAD-CAM nor machine's control even have.
* CNC TEXT EDITOR : KipwareT® features a full Windows Text Editor to enable any program editing / altering within KipwareT®. The Editor is specifically designed for CNC programming and includes such features as :
* ADD or RE-NUMBER sequence (N) numbers
* Automatically INVERT X COORDINATES so any program can be converted to operate in different quadrants.
* Users can define a color pallet that can auto-highlight any user defined TEXT or ADDRESSES.
* Automatically Include Programming Tips and Tricks : KipwareT® uses all the powerful manual programmer tricks automatically - sub-programs, canned cycles, chip-breaking, cutter comp and more.
* SHOP CALCULATOR : Includes our Shop Calculator add-in ... Quickly and easily get the information you need, all within KipwareM® including INCH - METRIC conversion; RPM - SFM conversions; Drill Point calculations; Feedrate conversions; Tap Drill sizes; Screw dimension information; and the Shop Calculator now includes a SPEED and FEED DATABASE for undreds of materials with speeds and feeds for turning, milling and drilling.
* KipwareDNC® - Machine Shop Communications Software for uploading and downloading your CNC programs to and from your CNC is included standard.
* KipwareTP® - toolpath plotting program for on-screen toolpath verification is included standard.
* KipwareT Trainer - illustrating many types of programming examples in a step-by-step slide show setting is included standard.
* KipwareXC® - with the KipwareXC software option, CNC programs can be created for any machine or CNC control.
* KipwareT® - Conversational Programming Software
* KipwareDNC Communications Software
* KipwareDXF Conversion Utility
* KipwareT Trainer - CD Slide Show Presentation demonstrating step-by-step programming examples.
* KipwareTP - Toolpath Plotting Software for toolpath verification.
* Trig Kalculator - Point Plotting Assistant
* SketchPad - CAD drawing of the toolpath desired.
* Shop Calculator - IN - METRIC / RPM - SFM / FEEDRATE conversions; Drill Point calculations; Tap Drill chart; Screw dimension information; SPEED and FEED DATABASE for hundreds of materials for turning, milling and drilling.
* INCH or METRIC is set by the user within KipwareT.
* Requires a PC operating in Win '95 as a minimum operating system ... works on Win95/98/2000/ME/XP
* Display monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
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Kipwaret - conversational cnc software for turning Kipwaret - conversational cnc software for turning Kipwaret - conversational cnc software for turning Kipwaret - conversational cnc software for turning Kipwaret - conversational cnc software for turning Kipwaret - conversational cnc software for turning Kipwaret - conversational cnc software for turning Kipwaret - conversational cnc software for turning