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Super fan - P244S- 24", smoke ejector, 1 1/2 hp, elect.

SUPER FAN - P244S- 24", Smoke Ejector, 1 1/2 HP, Electric Motor
Smoke ejectors come complete with all of the features that make This item the most respected name in emergency ventilation.
The heart of these units is the patented, cast aluminum, 4 blade, recurve propeller designed specifically for smoke ejection. Poured in Super Vac’s foundry of the toughest aircraft alloys, the blade is the perfect combination of a low noise, high output design.
will run on 110 or 220 Volts. The Super Vac smoke ejector is a proven performer in the toughest situations.
All Super Vac smoke ejectors feature a square construction for strength and stability. With handles on every corner, these units are easy to handle and can be stacked or hung using Super Vac accessories. These units are designed to accept spiral or “L” ducting with Super Vac adapters. The textured, chip resistant powder coating is baked on to guaranty a finish that is as tough as the rest of the fan. All Super Vac PPV’s feature third party verified shroud airflow tested to AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) Standard 210-99. For the ultimate in spark resistant construction, units with a hazardous location motor and optional aluminum housing are classified
Type A (highest degree of spark resistance) by AMCA 99-0401.
The HF164 is the most powerful 16” fan in the
industry and can easily be used for negative or
positive pressure ventilation. Running at 3500 rpm, it has the power to force or pull air deep into a structure or underground vault.
Note: Requires a 20 amp circuit to start and run.
The P244 is the largest smoke ejector
available. Perfect for the department
that has a mix of large residential
and mid-sized commercial buildings
in their response area. Or if you just want a GREAT fan
Note: Requires a 20 amp circuit to start and run.
This specific item is NOT combinable.

Super fan - P244S- 24