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Polycarbonate sheet clr....3/16" x 5" x 37"

Polycarbonate Sheet, Rod & Shapes
POLYCARBONATE Is a high impact material with excellent properties that enable this material to be used where many others have failed. It is virtually unbreakable, making its products extremely safe in areas where parts may be exposed to high impact. It is UL listed for Burglar Resistance and it complies with ANSI (Z97.1) for transparent safety glazing in buildings. May be used in continuous service applications with temperatures ranging from -40 deg F to 240 deg F. Polycarbonate is UV stabilized giving it effective resistance to sun exposure. It has performed well in outdoor applications for 5-7 years. Applications include greenhouses, patio roofs, window glazing, safety guards, chair mats, equipment enclosures, signs, doors, and much more.
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Polycarbonate sheet clr....3/16