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New brand ohler 14" x 64 tooth cold saw blade 355MM

One Brand New Ohler 14” x 64 tooth Segmental Cold Saw Blade with Coolant Slot’s
We are the Ohler saw blade importer, and have an over stock on this size cold saw blade.
Ohler is well known as the highest quality segmental cold saw blade in the world.
This blade will fit Ohler, Kaltenbach, Trennjaeger, and most other cold saws that accept 14” blades.
Pin hole specs are 4 holes, 14mm diameter, 80mm or 85mm apart.
We also have a large assortment of other size Ohler cold saw blades in stock ready for immediate delivery at special prices.
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6% Michigan sales tax where applicable.
It is the user’s responsibility to provide proper safety devices and equipment to safeguard the operator from harm for any particular use, operation or set up, and to safeguard adequately the machine or machines to conform to all Federal, State and Local Government Safety Standards, and all Industry Safety Standards.

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