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.500" dia 205 end mill lovejoy milling tools

.500" Diameter 205 Series - End Mill from LOVEJOY Tool Company
Part number - 205E0050ASM2-W050R
LOVEJOY Manufactures: Cutters, Indexable Tooling, Tools, Inserts, Diamond Tooling, Mold and Die Tooling
Geometry Specifications: Axial: Positive Radial: Negative
• Shear angle geometry for a broad application
• Multifunctional, channel cutting, peripheral work and square shoulder
• Designed and engineered for high speed, light duty machine tools
• Miniature sizes down to and including .375" (3/8)
Diameter .500 Insert SPEX-22_ DOC .150 Mounting .500 Diameter Weldon Teeth 1 Overall Length 3.00
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For inserts used in this item SPEX-22_: /spex.htm
For insert GRADES to cut specific materials refer to /gradespec.htm
For more information on this product, machining parameters, dimensional and hardware specifications: /e205.htm
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