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Hp\agilent 16700A logic analysis mainframe 003

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The 16700A Logic Analysis System Modular Mainframe provides comprehensive system-level debugging optimized for multiple processor/bus designs. With an on-screen setup assistant and an intuitive user interface, your design team can finally work together to solve tough hardware/software integration problems. The 16700A requires an external monitor.
This unit has the following applications:
* Hardware developers get: 1020 channels of high-speed logic analysis, 4GSa/s timing, 2 GSa/s oscilloscope functionality, and 200 channels of 200 MHz digital pattern generation - precisely time-correlated
* Software developers get: processor run control, links to popular debuggers, real-time view of source code System designers get time-correlated views showing system activity from analog signals to source code
This unit has the following specifications:
* Mainframe: 5 measurement modules, 2 emulation modes
* Maximum channel count: 510
* Maximum state clock: 100Mhz - 1Ghz/s depending on module selection
* Maximum state timing sample rate: 500Mhz - 4Ghz/s depending on module selection
* Memory depth: 4K to 4M depending on module selection
This system supports the following modules:
* 16555/56A,D Timing and State
* 16710/11/12A Timing and State
* 16715/16/17A Timing and State
* 16718/19A Timing and State
* 16750/51/52A Timing and State
* 16740/41/42A Timing and State
* 16750/51/52B Timing and State
* 16753/54/55/56A Timing and State
This unit has the following options installed:
* 003 = Performance upgrade - 160MB RAM and 2M video RAM
Oversized Pacakges: Freight Carrier
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