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2" weld on hinge 2-piece sold in pairs

2" Weld On Hinge 2-piece sold in pairs
2-piece steel hinge with brass bushing
* Versatile hinges for metal applications, thanks to their unique and simple design.
* Made for Heavy-Duty Rhino use (and abuse)- yet has a sleek appearance
* Made in Switzerland to the highest degree of precision.
* Only the best material is used, for reliable weldability.
* Perfect for just about any application, from light-weight doors to the heaviest construction equipment.
The cabinet to the left was built with Butt Hinges,
was built with WELD-ON Hinges.
Since WELD-ON Hinges have no tab or flap,
corrosion is almost impossible.
* Can be used for left- or right-hand applications.
* Suitable for 'lift-off' or 'trapped' applications.
* Works on flush constructions.
* Works on projected constructions.
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